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As an independent leasing company, our clients are privileged to select their preferred supplier and asset that best fits their needs. We will tailor a solution with an underlying lease product that suits your specific needs.
Some examples of our tailor-made solutions include:

E-lease Full Maintenance Operating Lease

This product allows you to enjoy the benefits of non-ownership while still optimizing on recourse usage. We provide the asset and you bear the ownership risk and maintenance costs which you may be better placed to do

E-Lease Standard Dry Lease

This is a comprehensive solution, that at an agreed rental over a set period of time and distance, we provide you with the vehicle/equipment/asset and bear all ownership risk and maintenance costs.

E-Lease Synthetic Lease

This a financing structure by which a company structures the ownership of an asset so that the asset is owned by a special-purpose entity and leased to the operating company under an operating lease.

E-Lease Leveraged & Non- Leveraged Leases

A lease agreement that is partially financed by the lessor through a third-party financial institution. The lending company holds the title to the leased asset, while the lessor creates the agreement with the lessee and collects the payment. The payments are then passed on to the lender.

E-Lease Sale and Lease-Back

Some clients had already purchased their assets by the time they realized that the lease solution was available. E-lease is able to purchase the assets and arrange for a lease of the same assets back to the client

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