As you are aware, leasing and asset based finance is gradually becoming the main tool for vehicle and asset acquisition in East Africa.

We seek to empower your team in this field to ensure that they are able to offer your diverse customers, the right advice and solution in their quest for vehicle and/or asset acquisition.

This is a highly interactive training course which focuses on the advantages, techniques, major legal issues and procedures that exist in the area of leasing & asset based financing.

The course is customized for professionals who are newly involved in leasing as well as those with some experience of the area. It provides an opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to compete effectively in today’s leasing and asset based finance market across East Africa.

The course aims to provide the participants with a comprehensive overview of leasing as a method of finance, demonstrating the benefits of lease transactions for both the lessor and lessee.

With over 20 years’ experience in leasing, asset finance, training and consulting, our expertise is unparalleled with professionals from banks, equipment manufacturers, motoring companies, finance companies and service providers throughout the COMESA region benefiting from our benchmark services and products.

Our courses also provide invaluable networking

Our Proposed Training Objectives:

By the end of the training, your team will;

  • Understand the Vehicle Sales Value Chain (and the role of finance in it)
  • Understand the types of finance options and finance structures available in the vehicle sales market.
  • Understand the concept Leasing (what is a lease, what is NOT a lease, why lease?)
  •  Learn how to profile customers and the different sales techniques for each client
  • Learn selling and closing techniques in each of the different financing structures/schemes eg;
  1. Staff Schemes
  2. Guaranteed and Non-guaranteed schemes
  3.  NGO Finance
  4.  Duty Free Finance Options, etc
  • Understand the players/stakeholders in a lease/finance transaction and their roles in it
  • Learn how to generate lease quotes using basic excel lease calculators

Should you want to run this course at a location convenient to you or if you want a completely customized learning solution, we can help. We produce learning solutions that are completely unique to your business.

Our tailored learning solutions are designed specifically for your organization’s needs.

We’ll be here to support you every step of the way. From the initial consultancy through to evaluating the success of the full learning experience, we’ll ensure you get the maximum return on your training investment

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