With Us at E-lease,we have the following goodies:

  • You will acquire assets for future use at today’s cost
  • We allow you the use of new modern plant & equipment with zero initial outlay
  • Our solutions will reduce pressure on your working capital
  • Our rentals are structured to meet your income and cash flows
  • Our solutions are more cost effective (lease is cheaper considering the tax benefits)
  • We will offer you term finance (Full finance on the lease over the useful life of the asset)
  • Early settlement options are available
  • Better balance sheet management
  • Better tax efficiency
  • Better security structures ( asset is self securing and no need for additional security)
  • Seasonal and structured rentals available to suit your cash flows/industry

More with us…

To enjoy complete peace of mind
We are the fastest growing independent asset leasing and management company in Kenya with an established reputation and track record.

To get the best deal 
We offer market leading rental solutions due to our own financial strength and ability to finance market related residual positions, ability to offer and procure competitive funding rates, an extensive asset knowledge and expert ability to resell the assets at the highest market values.

To avoid being locked into any product or vendor
We are product and vendor independent so you can choose any brand of equipment you want, from your preferred supplier, at your best price.

To get the exact solution you want and nothing else 
We offer niche asset and industry solutions and will tailor every aspect of the agreement to suit your needs, allowing you to plan ahead with confidence and budget precision.

To benefit from asset lifecycle management 
Based on expertise in finance, business and technology, asset intelligence streamlines every aspect of the asset management lifecycle reducing your costs and simplifying your asset management

Let Us Help You to Find a Solution That Meets Your Needs

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